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working on the gothic terrariums

Dead things made into life forms that never existed, held captive in tiny dreamlike landscapes. For sale!
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The Selby at Tartine

… means the Toast Chandelier is in the NYT Style Magazine!
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Piñata? Monster!

BRUETlabs and Informal Alchemy warned you about the monster in the park, but you came to see it anyway.
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Toast Chandelier

Karl Dotter and I made a Chandelier together; a Chandelier of bread. Some of the bread is actively toasted whenever the Chandelier is turned on. It smells wonderful. Go see it, at Tartine Bakery.
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Dust Heart

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Tiny Wonders, Big Success!

Thanks to Donald for the glamorous photos.
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The Flock

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Giant Cranes! Tiny Wonders!

I have an art show fast approaching! Curated by Dylan Hosey and the folks at Treehouse Gallery, it is Tiny Wonders round two. I am making a series of giant origami cranes, and a series of 2D works out of cut paper and gloss. I’m not an artist, so I’m a little nervous. Here’s some […]
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Home Taxidermy

I stopped working on this sculpture during the worst time ever last year. I finally got around to finishing it in time for Dylan Hosey’s Tiny Wonders show at The Good Shop. Thanks to FFA for finding the IDEAL bird carcass for me, and letting me keep it in their band van for several hours. […]
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