social networks + home environment

2007 student project at CCA
Rhino model developed from lo-fi mock ups.

Sparks aggregates all your social networks into one seamless image-only display.  An amalgamation of projector, speakers, computer, and cabinetry, Spark projects your contacts onto a wall in your home. It emphasizes the ‘social’, conversation-fostering aspect of the medium by removing the computer or device as gateway to friends and family. Designed to be used by even the least tech-savvy and internet resistant of folks, its presentation is an update of a familiar home feature. It brings the tradition of photo walls to life, turning them into a rich experience of social connection through video chatting, status updates and event reminders for each contact.    Designed for everyone from twentysomethings to grandparents, Spark represents a step forward in social networking: it aims to bridge generational gaps in technology use.

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