owning your own glasses.

Well, I’ve moved beyond Franken Frames. TechShop has given me access to so many tools that at this point, it’s hard to buy anything at all. Toothbrush? Why buy one of those when I could just 3d model my own design, machine a two part mold on the Tormach CNC mill, and injection mold my very own? etc. As it happened, it was time for new glasses frames, and since some of my favorite styles are 40s-50s era and quite flat across the face, they’re naturally suited for the laser cutter. I started making frames based on vector line work, cutting them out, trying them on, making adjustments, etc.

About this time, someone came to visit me at work, took a bunch of photos, shared them with some other people, one thing led to another, and Michael contacted me about doing some contract design work for one of the most interesting start up ideas I’ve come across. oyoglasses is a simple 2d design tool that lets you shape your ideal pair of glasses frames. (Not choose from pre-made modules, but actually shape a unique form factor.) The frames are 3d printed, lenses are put in, and you get them in the mail just as you would from a generic seller. Democratization of industrial design, improving on a tricky purchasing experience, fascinating hardware, software, manufacturing, material, and UX problems all rolled into one. I’m thrilled to be on board!

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